Occlusal Guards and Splints

This material is a biocompatible with Class I medical device with the FDA approved, crystal clear material for the production of accurate splints and retainers. The results are superior to traditional methods of manufacturing bite guards and night guards.
It is a clear material, allowing for maximum visibility. High-resolution 3D printing allows for a precise fit. These common dental appliances serve to protect patients from Bruxism and help keep teeth in their proper orthodontic alignment. The final fabricated appliances are attractively clear, strong, and durable.


  • Build Size

X * Y * Z = 145 * 82 * 100 mm

  • XY Resolutions

50 μm

  • Z Layer Height

25-150 μm

  • Color

Clear Amber

  • Technical Data Sheet

Occlusal Guards and Splints