Flexible Indirect Bonding Trays

This is a flexible solution for producing indirect bonding trays for the precise placement and release of orthodontic brackets. The material is a biocompatible Class I that allows an orthodontist to place all of the necessary brackets at once.

The brackets are placed in the 3D printed appliance and transferred to the patient’s mouth, allowing for the optimal placement of the brackets.  A UV light adheres the brackets to the patient’s teeth and the flexible tray is then removed, transferring all the individual brackets to the teeth.


  • Placement of Brackets 

Indirect bonding trays allow for the speedy placement of a full-arch of brackets simultaneously. The pre-printed apparatus also means that each bracket gets placed exactly where it should be, removing the guesswork.


  • Build Size

X * Y * Z = 145 * 82 * 100 mm

  • XY Resolutions

50 μm

  • Z Layer Height

25-150 μm

  • Color


  • Technical Data Sheet

Flexible Indirect Bonding Trays