Dental Model

The dental resin can be used with traditional dental manufacturing methods or as a CAD-based model solution. It allows you to easily die trim, margin mark with a red pencil and hand wax to the die without concerns for layer lines. The low viscosity formula combined with high accuracy printers helps to produce superior results with no loss of anatomy detail.


  • Study Models

This precision allows for exceptional measurements, patient education, and laboratory collaboration.

  • Model for Aligners 

Sequential models can be printed and used to thermoform clear aligners.

  • Removable Dies

The tight tolerances allow you remove dies come out perfect with each print.


  • Build Size

X * Y * Z = 145 * 82 * 100 mm

  • XY Resolutions

50 μm

  • Z Layer Height

25-150 μm

  • Color


  • Technical Data Sheet